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About Us

Bonding Capacity

ZEI is currently bonded by Berkley Insurance Company for an amount of 8 Million single Job and 12 Million Aggregate. 


Certificates and Licenses

General Contractor License: CGC 1524754

General Engineering License: E-1500461

Underground Electrical and Communications: E-1500461

Underground Utility: CUC 1225056

CSBE Certificate No. 15733

Micro/SBE Certificate No. 15734

FDOT DBE Certificate NAICS Code: 237110


ZEI Facilities

ZEI owns a 6 acre property in Medley, FL which contains the company’s main office, equipment yard, and operates as its soil and aggregate recycling facility.



ZEI owns a 40 Acre Property in Ft. Lauderdale, which is composed of 10 acres of land and 30 acres of Lake. With its Strategic location, ZEI runs it’s Broward Concrete and Soil Recycling operation from this facility. This facility generates over 30,000 thousand Cubic Yards of Recycled aggregates and soils every month, Allowing ZEI to have a competitive advantage with its inventory.




ZEI Equipment

We own all our equipment. The average age of the equipment is under 5 years. Our Fleet is composed of Excavators (15), Front end loaders (8), Dozers (5), Dump Trucks (6), Off road Trucks (2), Crushers (3), Screeners (4), Backhoes (2), Track Skid Steers (4), Just to name a few. Along with Countless Attachments and Supporting Fleet Vehicles.

Relevant Projects



In early 2018 Community Asphalt Awarded ZEI a 6 Million Dollar contract to build the new FDOT 15 Acre Park And Ride facility Located between the Turnpike North Bound and I-75 South Bound parallel to the Miami Gardens Exit. The project is currently in progress and is scheduled to be completed in September, 2018


I-75 Segment A&B – FILL

ZEI has sold Community Asphalt Corp over 1,000,000 CY of embankment and subbase material for the I-75 Segment A&B Project. ZEI was responsible for processing the material, approving the material with the FDOT materials laboratory, loading, and hauling it to the jobsite.


Sole Mia Miami FKA Biscayne Landings

In early 2015, ZEI was contracted by Oleta Partners to be the exclusive onsite concrete crushing and lake filling contractor at their 186 acres development called "SoleMia" located at 15055 Biscayne Blvd, North Miami, FL 33181. This site was originally a lime stone mine, then a Municipal landfill. Now it is South Florida's biggest development with an estimated cost of 4 billion dollars. ZEI is contracted to receive Concrete Demolition, process it and crush it down to 6" minus, then fill all existing lakes with that material. ZEI has successfully processed over 500,000 Cubic yards of concrete rubble and has filled in 7 out of the 8 lakes on their site. we are now working on filling the largest lake which is anticipated to require over 400,000 Cubic yards of Crushed concrete to fill.


Port of Palm Beach Slip #3

ZEI was contracted by Shore Line Foundation as its Minority Subcontractor to perform over two million dollars of site work, Demolition, on site concrete crushing, and hauling and disposal of contaminated soil in the Port of Palm Beach Slip # 3 project.   


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ZEI was contracted by Gonzalez and sons to Haul and dispose of 120,000 Cubic Yards of slag cement treated soil. ZEI received all 150,000 Cy at its permitted facility in Medley. The material was treated and processed to meet DERM Reuse criteria. ZEI geotechnically enhanced the material and was able to get the material approved FDOT certified for Embankment and Subbase. 


Fort Lauderdale Airport Runway Expansion;

ZEI was contracted by Tutor Perini to Receive Concrete Debris, process, and crush to produce recycled aggregate material on site at the Fort Lauderdale Airport Run Way Expansion Project. ZEI Produced 3” minus Base material with an LBR greater than 100, Ballast Rock, #57 stone, and A-3 material from our concrete crushing operation. ZEI produce over 600,000 Cubic Yards that were used in the Airport Runway expansion project. Additionally, ZEI produced over 250,000 Cubic yards of LBR 40 embankment material onsite by receiving excavation material from various sources to blend and screen down to 3” minus. This operation saved the general contractor from having to pay for quarry material and the hauling to the site.  ZEI was also contracted to excavate, haul, and dispose of 0ver 60,000 CY of soil mixed with trash from the site.



SFI dredged and disposed of approximately 35,000 CY of existing sediment material from the subsurface of the C-3 Canal in Coral Gables, FL extending from SW 57th Avenue (S. Red Road) to SW Blue Road.

ZEI was Subcontracted by SFI to haul and dispose of all of the contaminated dredge Sediment produced from this project.