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ZEI is a family-owned civil contractor, serving South Florida since 1998

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FDOT Prequalified Contractor

Having over $100M in contracts, we own a fleet of over 100 pieces of equipment, with an average age of under five years.

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An exceptional Bonding Capacity

We are currently bonded by Berkley Insurance Company.

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$ 12M

Certificates And Licenses

At 27, Jordan Zahlene (our vice president) has more certifications and credentials to his name than many of his peers who are twice his age.

General Contractor License: CGC 1524754
General Engineering License: E-1500461
Underground Electrical and Communications: E-1500461
Underground Utility: CUC 1225056
CSBE Certificate No. 15733
Micro/SBE Certificate No. 15734
Micro/SBE Certificate No. 15734

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